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Grassroots Campaigns is hiring! Help build a stronger democracy and a progressive movement to win in 2018.

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We are getting closer to one of the most important elections in recent memory. No matter what you see as your long-term career, choosing to jump full time into activism during this critical time could make the difference.

Grassroots Campaigns is driving the resistance by opening offices across the country to fight for healthcare, equal rights, justice, the environment, and to elect people who have our best interests at heart. Starting in January we are hiring Field Organizers, Canvass Directors, Regional Directors, and Fellows to help us make history.

Whether or not you've had previous campaign experience,this is a great opportunity for natural leaders who understand the importance of this moment and want to help change the world. Are you good at motivating others? Do you thrive as part of a team? Do you know how to overcome challenges and roadblocks? This could be the right job for you.

Campaign staff will be working on a variety of essential campaigns-- from running large scale voter registration drives, building powerful volunteer run campaign offices, to helping progressive partner groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU build the people power they need to win.

Staff that hit the ground running and learn quickly can expect to take on more responsibility and leadership going into the fall, and the best staffers will be offered year-round positions with Grassroots Campaigns after the election.

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