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By Mark Ferrulo - December 14, 2018
Yesterday the St. Petersburg City Council took decisive action to reduce single use plastics. A big thank you to those of you who sent a letter to the St. Petersburg City Council in support of the new ordinance!
By Damien Filer - December 13, 2018
As the December 15th deadline for Affordable Care Act open enrollment nears, the latest numbers from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) show that Florida and the nation are being impacted by Trump Administration cuts to Affordable Care Act (ACA) Navigators and publicity outreach.
By Mark Ferrulo - December 10, 2018
In St. Pete, we have a plastic problem. Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute our environment for hundreds of years but that’s exactly what is happening.
By Mark Ferrulo - December 5, 2018
Urge Sen. Rubio to join other Atlantic coast senators and oppose seismic airgun blasting, as well as any proposal that would provide giveaways to Big Oil at the expense of our coastal communities and marine life.
By Amy Weintraub - November 30, 2018
The Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition (FRF) has launched the new online home and resource center for Florida’s reproductive rights movement at
By Jon Bleyer - November 30, 2018
Progress Florida's Best of the Blogs for the week ending 11-30-18. Best of the Blogs is featured weekly as part of Progress Florida's popular free Daily Clips service.
By Mark Ferrulo - November 27, 2018
If there was ever a time for Florida progressives to organize, stand up, and fight for the changes our state needs, it’s right now.
By Mark Ferrulo - November 14, 2018
If you haven’t already and are able to, please sign up for a recount activity in your region. We have a chance to protect the most basic part of our Democracy, the right for everyone’s vote to be counted. There is nothing more important.
By Mark Ferrulo - November 7, 2018
We had some disappointing, heart-wrenching defeats last night, but also some important victories worth celebrating. Today we're dusting ourselves off and continuing the fight to move Florida forward. That fight was aided in important ways last night.
By Mark Ferrulo - November 6, 2018
Here’s the thing, not everyone has been paying attention or knows what to do today. That may be hard to believe given everything you’ve seen and heard recently, but ask anyone who’s making calls or knocking on doors for campaigns - these people exist and you may know some of them.