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Dusting ourselves off

By Mark Ferrulo - November 7, 2018

We had some disappointing, heart-wrenching defeats last night, but also some important victories worth celebrating. Today we're dusting ourselves off and continuing the fight to move Florida forward. That fight was aided in important ways last night:

  • Amendment 4 passed overwhelmingly, giving 1.4 million Floridians who've paid their debt to society their right to vote back. It is the largest civil rights victory in our state's history since the end of the Civil War.
  • Progressive champions like Anna Eskamani (Orlando) and Jennifer Webb (St. Petersburg) defeated powerful special-interest backed opponents in key swing districts and were elected to the Florida House of Representatives. Pending a recount, House Minority Leader Janet Cruz (Tampa) may do the same and be elected to the Florida Senate.
  • Progressives have won control of county commissions and/or school boards along the crucial I-4 corridor: Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Orange Counties. The “farm team” for future state representatives, senators, and members of Congress has grown.
  • Amendment 9 also passed overwhelmingly, adding a ban on offshore oil drilling in state waters into our state’s constitution. It is a major victory for our environment and the protection of our world-famous beaches.
  • Local measures increasing funding for transportation and public education also passed overwhelmingly throughout the state.

We certainly won't sugarcoat our losses however: Our governor-elect will be a continuation of the corporate special interest-driven status quo in Tallahassee. Pending a recount, our new senator will be little more than a tool of Trump.

Nonetheless, we’re glad that more than a million of our fellow Floridians will be able to vote and potentially be able to reshape our state’s electorate in time for the critical 2020 elections, and more progressives are now elected officials throughout our state. In the meantime, we’re continuing our fight to move Florida forward: organizing and mobilizing Floridians in every corner of our state to make progressive change a reality.

We thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in over the last few months: whether you knocked on doors, made phone calls, or simply encouraged others to vote or shared our ballot guide with your friends and family. Your efforts made an important difference in key contests like Amendment 4 and critical local races that will decide who represents Florida in the halls of power in the years to come.

Thanks for all you do, take a day off if you need to, and then rejoin us in the fight for Florida’s future. We’re glad to have you with us.