Best of the Blogs: In Response

By Jon Bleyer - December 1, 2017

Progress Florida's Best of the Blogs for the week ending 12-1-17
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Unchecked Power Lands Kids In Adult Jails
By Michelle Morton
Blog Of Rights
Florida leads the nation in incarcerating juveniles in adults prisons and jails – at a rate of more than 100 youth per month.

Podcast: National Women’s Liberation – Gainesville Chapter
By Jeremiah Tattersall
The Straw Hat
For the fifth episode of The Straw Hat Podcast we sat down with Kerri Audette and Erica Bales from the National Women’s Liberation – Gainesville Chapter to talk about fake women’s clinics, why they’re harmful, and what’s being done to stop them locally.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Become a Democrat
By Ross Hancock
Eye On Miami
There’s never been a better time to be a Democrat. I’m writing this in response to the Tuesday post by Geniusofdespair, “Does the United States Need a Third Party?”