It's now or never in Florida

By Mark Ferrulo - November 28, 2017

Never in recent memory has Florida faced more challenges (or opportunities) than it does right now. If there was ever a time for progressives to organize, stand up, and fight back for the changes our state needs, it’s right now.

President Trump and his allies in Congress are reeling from multiple defeats at the hands of grassroots progressive power. Here in Florida, the very same forces of resistance have stopped several right wing travesties from becoming law. Progressives are poised to advance in 2018, but we run the real risk of wasting this opportunity unless we have the resources to keep organizing, fighting, and winning.

Make a $15 contribution or more today as part of #GivingTuesday and fuel the fight to win big progressive victories in 2018. Make it a monthly contribution if you can. We can’t afford not to fight back during this critical time.

There are so many big opportunities to fight back against the far right and win progress for everyday Floridians. Here are just a few we’re engaged in: 

  • Ban Fracking: A statewide ban almost passed the Florida Senate this year. 2018 could be the year we finally enact a fracking ban into law.
  • Save Our Health Care: We’ll continue to fight back against any attempt - in Congress or the Florida Legislature - to take away quality health coverage from Floridians. We’ll also continue to advocate for a comprehensive health care solution that finally realizes every Floridian’s right to affordable, quality health care.
  • Protect and Improve Florida’s Constitution: Right wing proposals from the Constitution Revision Commission along with grassroots progressive proposals to amend Florida’s Constitution will come before Florida voters in 2018. We’ll be working to ensure Floridians understand these amendments and their potential impact on our state.

As you know, there’s so much more that’s possible next year if we fight hard and smart. We’re ready with your help to mobilize our tens of thousands of supporters in communities throughout Florida to fight back and win in 2018. Will you make a contribution right now to help make that happen?

Help ensure Florida progressives don’t miss out on the many opportunities to fight back and win progress in 2018. Make a $15 or more contribution this #GivingTuesday. Make it monthly if you can to keep us fighting throughout the year non-stop.

When you consider what we were able to help do in 2017, you can imagine what we can achieve in 2018. Together, we helped ensure no bill restricting reproductive freedom became law, advanced a fracking ban in the Florida Senate, launched the People First Report Card, and helped re-elect progressive champion Rick Kriseman as mayor of St. Petersburg.

We know with your help and support we’ll continue to build progressive power throughout Florida and move our state forward in 2018.