When it comes to abortion rights, courts matter

By Mark Ferrulo - October 19, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott and legislative leaders have done everything they can to take away a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion in Florida. And now, for the third time in the last two years, the courts have struck down backwards, unconstitutional laws designed to attack and shame women seeking an abortion.

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These laws attacking abortion rights have been struck down by the courts:

  • Just this month a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction halting an intrusive, unconstitutional law that would have required anyone – such as a friend, family member, religious counselor, or doctor – register with the state, follow a specific script and pay a fee for simply offering advice about an abortion.
  • Earlier this year the Florida Supreme Court permanently blocked a law that forced women who have decided to have an abortion to wait 24 hours before the procedure despite there being no medical basis for doing so. Mandatory waiting period laws are designed to judge and shame women and perpetuate the myth that women regret their decision to have an abortion.
  • A federal judge overturned a law that jeopardized women’s health by preventing abortion providers from receiving funds for life-saving health care services including cancer screenings, birth control and STD testing.

When it comes to abortion rights, our courts matter. Share the infographic with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, or by forwarding this email. 

With these recent rulings, the courts have sent an unmistakable message to Gov. Scott and state leaders: quit trying to restrict women’s access to safe and legal abortion. Please share our infographic today and help spread the word that our courts matter when it comes to women’s health.