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Best of the Blogs: Verdict Is In

By Jon Bleyer - June 2, 2017

Progress Florida's Best of the Blogs for the week ending 6-2-17
Best of the Blogs is featured weekly as part of Progress Florida's popular free Daily Clips service.

The Verdict Is In On The AHCA: It's A Death Sentence For Floridians
By Martha Jackovics
Beach Peanuts
The verdict is in for the Republican's American Health Care Act, or TrumpCare, that would destroy the Affordable Care Act and (surprise!) it's a death sentence for millions.

Dear Dems: One 2018 Project - Caribbean Voters.
By Steve Schale
In my earliest days on the Obama campaign in 2008, one of our first statewide polls showed a weakness with Black voters, at least compared to other states.

Florida’s Solar Outlook Just Got Sunnier
By George Cavros
CleanEnergy Footprints
We’re the Sunshine State, right? Yet despite having one of the largest electricity markets in the nation, Florida doesn’t make the top-ten state list for solar development.