They're trying to intimidate Florida doctors

By Julie Hauserman - February 16, 2017

Anti-abortion legislators in the Florida House are once again attacking reproductive rights by attempting to turn lies into laws. HB 19 is a flagrant attempt to intimidate doctors who perform abortions by allowing patients to sue for “emotional distress.” Abortion is already an extremely safe medical procedure, and laws already exist for patients to sue doctors for negligence. This is yet another cynical attempt to undermine reproductive rights in Florida.

Call 844-899-9394 and get connected to your state representative’s office. Tell them you’re a constituent and you expect them to oppose HB 19.

Florida knows all too well what happens when abortion opponents turn lies about abortion safety into laws. When the Florida Legislature enacts mandatory ultrasounds, imposes medically unnecessary delays like additional trips to a clinic, and adds unnecessary regulations for doctors, it’s women who pay the price. Health care is pushed out of reach and women are denied the ability to make their own decisions about their own bodies.

HB 19 is yet another lie waiting to be turned into yet another unnecessary law undermining women’s reproductive rights. HB 19 singles out doctors who perform abortions, subverting existing medical malpractice law, and interfering in personal medical decisions. It needs to be stopped.

Call 844-899-9394 and tell your state representative to oppose HB 19 and to stop lies from becoming law.

Most Floridians want a woman’s experience having an abortion to be respectful, affordable, available in her community, and without shame or stigma. HB 19 represents yet another attack on this vision for abortion care in our state. Thanks for taking action and holding our elected officials accountable.