Florida marches

By Mark Ferrulo - January 23, 2017

Over the weekend, tens of thousands of women and allies for women's rights marched in cities and towns throughout our state, joining millions of people throughout our country and around the world. Together, we declared loud and proud that women's rights are human rights. From Pensacola to Miami, thousands demonstrated that we'll stand together in the face of efforts to roll back progress and continue the fight for reproductive freedom, access to healthcare, equality, and more.

Check out these pictures of just a sample of the women's marches that took place Saturday here in Florida.


Whether you attended a march in person or in spirit, thank you for all you do to protect and advance progress for all.

PS: Text PFLA to 30644 to get timely action alerts on your phone, like when and how to call members of Congress or the Florida Legislature about key bills on health care, reproductive rights, and more.