Turning lies into laws

By Julie Hauserman - December 2, 2016

For too long, Florida policymakers have enacted obstacle after obstacle to prevent women from exercising their reproductive rights. Whether it’s arbitrarily contrived waiting periods, burdensome requirements on abortion clinics, patients and their doctors, or efforts to defund organizations that provide abortion care, enough is enough. 

These restrictions are medically unnecessary and designed only to shame, pressure, and punish women.

Stand up for Florida women: sign our petition in support of reproductive rights for all Floridians.

In recent years the Florida Legislature has enacted a gauntlet of unnecessary restrictions that seek to block access to abortion care. For example:

  • Unnecessary Ultrasounds: A 2011 law forcing doctors to provide and women to undergo a mandatory ultrasound before being able to obtain abortion care, usurping the medical judgment of health care providers and ignoring women’s wishes.1
  • Unnecessary Delays: A 2015 law imposing a medically unnecessary mandatory delay on women seeking abortion care and forcing them to make an additional, unnecessary trip to their health care provider, making care more difficult to access.2
  • Unnecessary Regulations: A 2016 law imposing multiple restrictions on abortion providers and women seeking care, including onerous and unnecessary regulations designed to restrict access to abortion care and reduce support to health care providers that offer comprehensive reproductive health care.3

An analysis by the National Partnership for Women & Families and Progress Florida Education Institute found that 64% of abortion restrictions introduced in the 2016 Florida Legislature were based on lies about abortion safety and the trusted health care professionals who provide abortion care. Further, every single abortion restriction introduced shared the same goals: restrict access to abortion care and shame women.

Stand up for Florida women: sign our petition in support of reproductive rights for all Floridians. 

In today’s political climate it is more critical than ever that we support abortion rights for all Floridians and oppose efforts to create barriers to affordable, accessible abortion care.