Let's ban fracking for good

By Mark Ferrulo - December 6, 2016

Year after year, everyday Floridians have stood up, fought back, and defeated efforts to open our state to the dirty and dangerous practice of fracking. Momentum has shifted thanks to fracking being a major issue in the 2016 election. The fact is, next year may be our best opportunity yet to advance a statewide fracking ban and we need your voice right now to keep this momentum going.

Sign our letter to the Florida Legislature: Pass a Statewide Fracking Ban in the 2017 Legislative Session.

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking, is the use of sand, water, and chemicals, injected at incredibly high pressures, to blast open rock deep beneath the surface of the earth to release trapped oil and gas. This process is devastating the environment and public health in communities across the country and the oil and gas industry now has its sights set on Florida, particularly fields in our beautiful panhandle and just west of the Everglades.

Legislation has been introduced in the last few years to open up our state to fracking. The fact is that fracking is unnecessary and dangerous. Florida and our nation have cleaner, cheaper, and faster ways to meet our energy needs that don’t involve destroying pristine lands and pumping poisons into our air, land, and aquifer.

Tell the Florida Legislature it’s time to ban fracking in our state.

Each year we’ve worked in coordination with environmental organizations, health professionals, and grassroots Floridians like you to stop these dangerous pro-fracking bills and build the movement for a statewide ban.

Let’s keep up the fight to ensure future generations of Floridians enjoy clean water, open spaces and a sustainable clean energy economy that works for everyone, not just Wall Street and Big Oil.