Responding to Orlando

By Mark Ferrulo - June 21, 2016

Many of you responded to the tragic deaths of 49 innocent people at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando with tremendous generosity. You gave your time, your money, and many of you gave your own blood to help victims and those affected by Sunday’s mass shooting.

While our political leaders have offered their thoughts and prayers, make no mistake, this terrible tragedy must be followed by meaningful action. That’s why we’ve joined the League of Women Voters and dozens of other organizations in demanding Florida’s state leaders call a special session of the legislature to enact a ban on assault weapons and institute universal background checks on all firearm sales. Please join the call for a special session on gun safety by calling the House Speaker, Senate President, and Governor today:

Call House Speaker Steve Crisafulli at 321-449-5111.

Call Senate President Andy Gardiner at 407-428-5800.

Call Gov. Rick Scott at 850-488-7146.

What happened in Orlando was a hate crime directed at LGBTQ people and an act of terror, a tragedy made more horrific due to the easy availability of military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines. As Sen. Bill Nelson said during last week’s Senate filibuster on gun safety, "These are not weapons for hunting; these are weapons for killing." Furthermore, we can do more to prevent people who should not have a gun from buying one. Universal background checks on all firearm sales are an important step in this direction.

The gun lobby and their allies would have us believe that there’s little we can do to prevent mass shootings of innocent civilians, except adding more guns to already dangerous situations. They’re wrong. We are not helpless in the face of hatred, and we will not stop violence with more violence.

Tell Florida’s leaders that actions speak louder than words. Call them today and say it’s time for a special session on gun safety.