Victory: Fracking bill defeated

By Mark Ferrulo - March 1, 2016

Thanks to the voices of thousands of Floridians, communities throughout our state will be able to protect their land and water by banning fracking. Earlier today, the sponsor of the dangerous fracking bill, Sen. Garrett Richter (R-Naples) withdrew SB 318 from the Senate Appropriations Committee saying "I didn't have the votes."

This didn't happen by accident. Thousands of Floridians from every corner of our state spoke loudly and clearly, putting daily pressure on their elected representatives in the legislature. It worked.

Going forward, we will continue to be on the lookout for future versions of SB 318 designed to prevent local communities from banning fracking in their area. Most importantly, we will continue our campaign for a statewide ban on fracking as we strongly believe that such a dangerous practice has no place in Florida.

Thanks again for taking action against fracking. Whether you signed a petition, made a phone call, visited a legislator, or urged your friends to take action, thank you. This is your victory.

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