Your “Baileygate” petitions delivered!

By Jon Bleyer - February 18, 2015

Today, we delivered more than 10,000 petitions from Progress Florida and Care2 urging U.S. Attorney Pamela Marsh and State Attorney Willie Meggs to launch a thorough, independent investigation into Gov. Rick Scott’s political shenanigans and his actions surrounding the termination of FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey.

Baileygate petition delivery

Progress Florida political director Damien Filer preparing to deliver petitions to the State Attorney’s office today in Tallahassee, with media in tow.

Despite his best efforts to sweep this scandal under the rug, public pressure is mounting on Gov. Scott. Here are a few excerpts from media coverage of the petition delivery:

“The petitions…ask for investigations into Gov. Rick Scott's forced ouster two months ago of Gerald Bailey as the state's top law enforcement official…after Scott told reporters Bailey ‘resigned,’ Bailey called Scott a liar and made numerous allegations of political interference in FDLE operations by Scott, his aides or his campaign.” – Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee Bureau 

“So where’s the investigation? That’s the question more than 10,000 concerned citizens want answered.” – Progress Florida’s Mark Ferrulo, Palm Beach Post 

“Rick Scott’s Baileygate scandal isn’t going quietly into the night, despite what some conservative media outlets say.” – Saint Petersblog

“ appears Gov. Scott may have violated both state and federal law in his politically motivated firing of FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey ... said Progress Florida executive director Mark Ferrulo.“So where’s the investigation? That’s the question more than 10,000 concerned citizens want answered.” - Jacksonville Times-Union

Thanks to all of you who signed the petition and contributed money to support our work to hold Gov. Scott accountable. The FDLE is charged with investigating political corruption in our state and must remain free from political influence and meddling, so with your help we’re going to keep up the grassroots pressure and hold Gov. Scott and cabinet members accountable to the people of Florida.

For progress,

Mark and the rest of the Progress Florida team