Big win over Big Cable

By Ray Seaman - February 26, 2015

Thousands of Floridians like you joined millions of Americans calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect a free and open internet (net neutrality.) Today, the FCC listened to everyday citizens over the intense lobbying of Big Cable and voted to save the Internet. Thank you - we did it!

In December, when we asked you to contact the FCC, we said:

Net neutrality is more than an important principle for us, it’s essential to the work Progress Florida and many other advocacy organizations do. The loss of net neutrality would threaten the kind of free speech that’s allowed new concepts and ideas to enter the virtual town square the Internet provides. This is the kind of free expression that can challenge the traditional roadblocks to progress: big money, reactionary politics, and cheap cynicism.

Big Cable wanted to charge customers and businesses for faster access to certain portions of the Internet. This tiered system would have effectively put an end to Internet freedom. By voting to classify broadband internet service as a public utility, the FCC stopped that today.

Thanks for helping keep the Internet open, fair, and free.

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